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About SMART Biomedical

Our Story

Smart Biomedical is a Canadian medical device company founded in 2020 in Calgary, Alberta, by Drs. Wiley Chung, Alex Chee, and Sumesh Thomas. 

Smart Biomedical is currently developing Smart Drain.  This life-saving medical device facilitates chest tube insertion to treat collapsed lungs (pneumothorax) which can occur spontaneously or from trauma.  Smart Drain is designed to make chest tube insertion quicker, safer, and easier than alternatives.

Smart Drain was developed from the clinical experience of Dr. Chee and Dr. Thomas, an interventional respirologist and neonatal intensivist, respectively.  Device development was also guided by Dr. Chung’s clinical experience as an academic general and thoracic surgeon.  He was also previously a battlefield medic and Trauma Team leader in the emergency department. 

​Smart Biomedical has won numerous awards including 2 Biomedical Innovation Awards and 2 People’s Choice Awards.  They have been successful in the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) accelerator program. CDL is a nonprofit organization that delivers an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage, science and technology-based companies.

In 2021, Smart Biomedical established its Eastern Division in Kingston, Ontario.  The Western Division remains in Calgary, Alberta. 

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