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About SMART Biomedical

Our Story

Smart Biomedical is a Canadian medical device company founded in 2020 in Calgary, Alberta, by Drs. Wiley Chung, Alex Chee, and Sumesh Thomas. Their first life-changing medical device was Smart Drain.  Smart Drain facilitates chest tube insertion to treat collapsed lungs (pneumothorax) which can occur spontaneously or from trauma.   

Years of research and development between their medical team with biomedical engineers have made their concept a reality.  Smart Drain was developed from the clinical experience of Dr. Chee and Dr. Thomas, an interventional respirologist and neonatal intensivist, respectively.  Smart Drain development was also guided by Dr. Chung’s military experience as a battlefield medic and clinical experience, as a general & thoracic surgeon and in the front-lines of the emergency department as a trauma team leader. 

Smart Biomedical has transitioned Smart Drain from proof of concept towards final prototyping and technology validation. With the support of its partners, Smart Biomedical is achieving significant scientific and financing milestones along the product development pathway. Smart Biomedical has continued to expand its technology into a pipeline of medical devices in different parts of the body. In 2020, Smart Biomedical established its Eastern Division in Kingston, Ontario.  The Western Division remains in Calgary, Alberta.