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Product Development

Our research teams in our Western (Alberta) and Eastern (Ontario) Divisions have worked closely with partners to develop rapid prototyping facilities including a simulation lab and pre-clinical testing facility. This has enabled us to make progressive iterations quickly.  We achieved our minimum viable product (TRL 4) with Smart Drain in March 2022.  We have been very successful in our animal testing.

Simulation lab.png

Simulation Lab (Eastern Division)

Our lab allows each iteration of Smart Drain to be tested in a simulated environment designed to represent the real-life setting of end-users.

animal testing.jpeg

Pre-clinical Testing Facility (Eastern Division)

Our testing facility offers each iteration of Smart Drain to be tested rapidly in animals. This provides us feedback quickly so iterative changes can be applied swiftly.

Smart Drain_edited.png

Smart Drain

In March 2022, our Western and Eastern Divisions in collaboration with FUEL Biomedical, successfully achieved TRL 4 in our product development pathway. We have secured a design firm to continue with product development.   Our goal is to achieve a design freeze by Fall 2022 and obtain FDA regulatory approval, specifically a 510(k) clearance, by Summer 2023.

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