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Undiluted Funds Secured for Prototype Development and Technology Validation

At SMART Biomedical, we have secured over $275,000 worth of non-diluted funds for prototype development and technology validation.  If you are interested in any investment oppourtunites, please contact us.

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Seed Round Opened April 2022

We have currently started our first seed round for Smart Drain. 

We aim to obtain FDA approval with a 510(k) clearance by Fall 2023.

$200,000 Grant

Life Sciences Fellowship (Awarded to Dr. Alex Chee, MD FRCPC)

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$10,000 Grant

Peoples' Choice Award

$30,000 Grant

Grand Prize - 1st Place

Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 10.45.17 AM.png

$5000 Grant-in-aid

Peoples’ Choice Award

2nd Place Biomedical Innovation

$21,000 Grant

Build2Scale Health 2021 Program

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$10,000 Grant-in-aid

BmDoDo Strategic Design

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